ivory and brass

Brass - French Horn, Trombone and Trumpet

I prepare pupils for ABRSM exams Grade 1-8 and can provide support for practical preparations for school Standard and Higher Music.

For any pupil not wishing to sit exams a more relaxed course will be taken, gradually improving their technique and expanding their knowledge of repertoire.


  • Take you through the basics of how to make a sound, discuss posture and instrument maintenance 
  • Teach you how to read music and understand the relevant clefs (bass, tenor, alto and treble
  • Explain the importance of breathing and the basics behind breath control 
  • Discuss and practice pitching (changing the shape of the embouchure)

I use a range of musical materials but I find that a good starter book like "Look, Listen and Learn" or "Essential Elements" is generally the best. Then depending on the age of the pupil and their musical taste either move onto Disney themes, Movie themes or the more traditional Classical music, for example Haydn, Hummel, Mozart etc.

Intermediate and Advanced

  • Reinforce skills and techniques through studies/exercises and increase range of notes 
  • Preparation for Associated Board exams 
  • Aural Training (necessary if interested in sitting exams) 
  • Sight reading skills and transposition
french horn

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." (Albert Schweitzer)